Grade 6-8 Remote Learning Plan


The intent of this Remote Learning Plan is to share the learning objectives for Saltonstall grades 6-8 and Collins Middle School.  During this unprecedented time, we need to lean heavily on the core values that guide the work at each middle school.  Saltonstall PRIDE values caring, teamwork, effort, responsibility, and making a difference.  For Collins, the core values of communication, cooperation, and trust will guide us. That being said, the safety and well-being of students, families, and staff has been and will continue to be our top priority as an educational community. We are focused not only on physical health, safety, and nutrition but also on social-emotional and mental health needs, which could intensify during this time.

The learning and work that students produce during this closure matters to their individual educational growth.  Using this time to firm up lagging skills, as well as practice more recently learned skills, will make a difference when we return to school.  Staying connected and engaged, showing care, effort, teamwork, and being responsible during this time will make a significant difference in the educational life of every student.  Our remote learning plan is guided by our core values and key aspects of our guiding principles that speak directly to equity and engagement.  We feel that equity and engagement are critical to our remote learning plan.  

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