Summer Learning

Happy Summer!

Here are some fun learning activities for K-5 students to do at home this summer.  Check out the Math Calendars – each day lists a short math activity or game – a great way to keep up those math skills!  There are card games, problems and puzzles, and online games.

Or you can select an activity from one of the STEM Choice Boards, which have lots of great activities for the whole family.  You can build your own catapult, make a water strider that “walks” on water or become a rock hound.   Pick a few, or do them all!

Students in grades K-12 will also find reading lists here.  Teachers, librarians, and organizations have selected the very best, most popular books for kids.  Many of these are also available online.  Check out the school library webpage to see how you can access these titles.  Helping your student to get “hooked on books” is a great way to build toward a successful school year.

Looking for summer activities from your teachers? Check your school websites or your child’s Google Classroom to find more.